Magento Certified Developer PLUS Joe Constant

Joe Constant

Solution Engineer

Magento Certified Developer PLUS

Joe Constant - Solution Engineer

About Me

I’m a Solution Engineer from Idaho. I love working with Magento and PHP.


I’ve spent the last 7 years working with Magento. Prior to that, I spent 8 years as a Java developer as well as doing some PHP on the side

My Skills

PHP 8/10


Magento 8/10


Java 7/10


jQuery 6/10


Alpine Consulting, Inc

Alpine has developed and implemented over 70 e-commerce applications from small single purpose applications to multi-million dollar industry leading large-scale solutions.

Harbor Freight Tools


Quality Tools at Discount Prices Since 1977

What I Did

I worked for HFT for 14 years in various roles. I spent the last 2 years there working on the website as it was transitioned to Magento. I acted as Lead developer and worked with multiple developers (both in-house developers and 3rd party developers) to drive development on the site.

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